Tristar Inc. Reviews 7 Nifty Inventions by Native Americans

It’s no secret that Tristar Inc. reviews some of the most impactful inventions the world has to offer. To keep up with this trend this month, Tristar Inc. reviews inventions by Native Americans.

November is National Native American Heritage Month, and to show appreciation for this amazing culture, Tristar Inc. reviews seven inventions from Native Americans.


Lacrosse is an exciting sport that has it all—running, hitting, passing, scoring, etc. This popular North American game was invented by the Iroquois and Huron tribes that lived around the St. Lawrence River in New York and Ontario. The Cherokee tribe would call the sport “the little brother of war” because it was also used as military training for Native Americans.

Birch Bark Canoe

The invention of birch bark canoes by the Native American tribes in the Northeast Woodlands allowed them to travel longer distances than they ever could before. The tribes in this area would uses whatever resources they could from the surrounding forest to build their canoes. The word “canoe” makes a lot of sense because it originates from the word “kenu,” which means dugout.


The word “toboggan” comes from a combination of two words meaning “flat” and “drag.” This invention was created by Native American tribes in Northeastern Canada. These sleds played crucial roles in the survival of these tribes during the long, harsh winters. Hunters would mostly use them to carry game that they’ve killed through the snow.


Moccasins are simply shoes made out of deerskin and other types of soft leather. They have been popular footwear for centuries and were invented by Eastern North American tribes. It is said that tribes could typically identify one another by the bead patterns and painted designs on their moccasins.


Native American tribes that were constantly migrating throughout the Great Plains invented a very practical form of housing by way of the tipi. There were several types of housing invented by Native Americans, but tipis were known for being sturdy, but also easily transportable.


“Kayak” means “hunter’s boat.” So it’s fitting that Native Americans invented this mode of marine transportation to make hunting and fishing much easier. Created by the Inuit tribes, kayaks were used to hunt seals, walruses and whales, as well as for regular, daily fishing.

Totem Pole

Totem poles are a staple of Native American culture, which use them as family crests. They denote a tribes’ decent from a certain animal like a bear, raven, salmon, or wolf. But there are other uses for totem poles as well, including to commemorate when a house changes owners or as grave markers.

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