Tristar Inc. Products Review Inventions for Bathroom Safety

The bathroom is a place we all use on a daily basis and is typically one of the more important rooms in the house. But it can also be one of the most dangerous if you’re not cautious and brushed up on your bathroom safety.

In fact, in order to help raise awareness for bath and bathroom safety, January has been designated as National Bath Safety Month. And luckily, there are numerous inventions out there that can help solve many of our bathroom woes and prevent accidents from happening.

Tristar Inc. Products review all kinds of inventions that help make our everyday lives easier or safer, so naturally, the next Tristar Inc. Products review is about inventions intended for bathroom safety. Here are some awesome products that will help you celebrate National Bath Safety Month the right way.

Shaving Pedestal: Balancing on one foot to shave in the shower is one of the most dangerous acts you can perform in the bathroom. Not only are you limiting your balance on a slippery surface, you’re also using a very sharp object. Installing a shaving pedestal to place your foot on while you shave your legs will help keep you more secure and prevent slips and falls.

Waterproof Speaker: Water and electronics just don’t mix, so it’s important to make sure any speaker you use while in the bath or shower is a waterproof speaker. Most of these types of speakers use Bluetooth to connect to your devices, eliminating the need for cords, which can be dangerous around water.

Hair-Catching Shower Stopper: When hair clogs drains, water gets backed up and our showers flood instead of draining properly. Using a hair-catching shower stopper will catch the hair that goes down the drain so that it can be easily removed instead of creating clogs that are too far down to reach. Proper shower drainage will also help you not slip and fall.

Glow-in-the-dark Toiler Locator: If you’re using the bathroom late at night in a very dark house, a glow-in-the-dark strip on your toilet can help guide your way. Fumbling around in the dark, especially in the bathroom, can be dangerous, but this invention helps you see where you’re going and stay safe.

Be sure to check back with our blog for the next Tristar Inc. Products review that could help you learn about an invention or product that could change your life.

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